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Digital Arabic Alphabet Workbook - PDF Download


Digital Arabic Alphabet Workbook - PDF Download - Arabic is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Introducing our new Digital Arabic Alphabet Workbook - PDF Download, designed by Nichole from Arabic with Nichole. A great product to use with our Arabic Letters Set.

  • Instructions are available in Arabic, English, and Turkish. Please select your choice of language above.
  • Children will have fun finding the Arabic letters, drawing objects that begin with each letter, coloring, tracing, and practicing writing. This is a simple way for children to spend a few moments learning the Arabic language.
  • These worksheets are ideal for children ages 6-8 or any child who has mastered the isolate form of all the Arabic letters but needs further practice with the various forms of each letter.

    The font size is smaller for the writing practice activity for children to start developing better fine motor skills.

    There is an activity on the worksheet for children to draw an object associated with the Arabic letter. This is great for memory recall and helps children focus on the beginning sounds of each Arabic letter.

    A page is also included with 3 words that begin with each Arabic letter for those who may need suggestions.

    *This is a digital product and you can print the worksheets as needed, if you have any further questions about the Digital Arabic Alphabet Workbook - PDF Download please contact us.