Camels with Saddles Walking Desert

Type: Toy

Camels with Saddles Walking Desert are a perfect gift for little hands. Furthermore, kids love to enjoy imaginative play with these crafty handmade toys. Finally, these toys are safe for all ages.

  • Crochet Camels with Saddles Walking Desert
  • Available in 2 colors and 3 different sizes
    • Large: 14cm/5.5in
    • Medium: 12.7cm/5in
    • Small: 10cm/4in
  • Knit with 100% premium cotton 
  • Handcrafted by refugee women in Kayseri, Turkey. 

About Us

Oak Creative Designs is a brand that dedicates itself to providing fair working conditions and living wages to our hard-working female artisans.

The Oak Studio is located in the low-income Osmanli neighborhood in Kayseri Turkey which has the highest concentration of refugees in Kayseri. Our talented team of artisans consists of 45 local Turkish and Syrian refugee women who work together to produce timeless products that reflect their culture and heritage.

We collaborate and consult with numerous educators and educational brands to produce items that are not only beautiful but provide educational value to children. Each product has gone through a rigorous R&D process. Great care also takes place to ensure that our products are safe for children.

All of our items are made using locally sourced materials. We use a combination of premium 100% cotton yarn in our products as well as GOTS certified organic yarn. Our products are also filled using OEKO-Tex certified hypoallergic polyfill.

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